Workstyle – how your organisation works

Just as Lifestyle indicates the life choices and way of living that an individual or group adopts, so Workstyle is a term that describes the style of work people adopt for particular jobs or tasks. 
Understanding how your organisation and its people work – their workstyles – is key to enabling them to be at their most productive by providing appropriate space, work settings, business tools, processes, training, services and technology that support their particular needs….Read More
The key role of office property is to support an organisation and its people in the activity of work. The office is not the only place of work and although it is often seen as the hub for many organisations, its role is changing as technology enables and financial strictures demand new ways of working….Read More

To set a target occupation density for a building or an organisation without first understanding building space capabilities and workstyles is risking not only alienating management and workforce but also providing occupation solutions that are sub optimal that could impact adversely on work output and productivity. Yet this is exactly what some organisations are doing……Read More