Flexible & Agile Working “Workstyles” Workshop for the Public, Private & Third Sectors

Full day or half day “Workstyle” workshops delivered by The Agile Organisation directly to clients or in conjunction with other organisations as part of seminar, development or training packages. Let me know you requirements.

Workstyles should be an integral part of any workplace change project and at the heart of any organisations property, IT and resourcing strategy. Learn more about the workstyle technique enabling you to implement significant cost savings, and productivity opportunities for your organisation.

  • Understanding how your organisation and its people work – their workstyles– is key to enabling them to be at their most productive by providing appropriate space, work settings, business tools, processes, training, services and technology that support their particular needs.
  • Whilst workstyles are individual, large organisations find it useful to group work into generic workstyle profiles. This enables standardised HR policies and business processes, accommodation solutions, ICT hardware & software,  and common support mechanisms to be created which in turn lead to economies of scale, simpler and more focused provisioning and service delivery.
  • An analysis of work processes and organisation, capabilities, technology, connectivity, filing dependencies, work settings and storage needs will help to define a distinct workstyle. Having defined their particular workstyle profiles most organisations begin the process of analysing their staff and jobs against the specific profiles. This is particularly important when anticipating the implementation of agile working initiatives, relocations or property development and rationalisation to inform the investment requirements and benefits to the business case.
  • Workstyle assessment can yield significant cost reduction in realigning property requirements, and also indicate the need for different worksettings, support mechanisms, training, change management and IT investment to support the organisations workstyles to gain significant benefits from new more productive ways of working.

Delegates by the end of the workshop will:

  • Understand the workstyle concept
  • Be able to develop appropriate workstyle profiles for their organisation
  • Be able to carry out workstyle profiling within their organisation
  • Be able to calculate the benefits that Workstyling can bring to their organisation
  • Be aware of the support mechanisms that workstyles require to work effectively
  • Be able to make a value difference to their organisation through workstyles

For more information contact:

Paul Allsopp,  The Agile Organisation