Property Internal Charging – end of the “free resource”

Benchmarking is principally about defining and measuring CRE performance. Indeed, benchmarks often end up in league tables, and although such competitive spirit can be helpful in aiming high what is additionally required is something that will focus real understanding of space and property need based on commercial parameters in the space consuming teams and Departments. The argument that benchmarking is enough ignores this key need for occupier users to understand the true cost of their space acquisition and utilisation decisions, rather than hiding this under a corporate umbrella……….. Read more

Agile Property Strategy – know your business

In recent years both public and private sector corporate office strategy has focussed on developing a core portfolio of fewer but more effective and more sustainable properties. At the same time strategies are becoming more agile and diverse – in terms of tenure and procurement arrangements and especially in terms of space provision, occupation and utilisation. Basically organisations need to be more responsive to rapidly changing situations and property is no exception to this requirement…..Read More

Working Beyond Boundaries

Unpredictable change is rapidly becoming the defining characteristic of the current decade. Organisations that simply cut costs or make minor adjustments to static business models may well be able to realise short-term gains to sustain and survive. But in the current dynamic world the only certainty is change and status quo is not an option. The future is a place where only the agile will survive and thrive…..Read More

Agility Ratio: productive benchmark or property target ?

To set a target occupation density for a building or an organisation without first understanding building space capabilities and workstyles is risking not only alienating management and workforce but also providing occupation solutions that are sub optimal that could impact adversely on work output and productivity. Yet this is exactly what some organisations are doing……Read More

 The Case for Internal Property Charging in Government

The government should aim to vacate 10% of government office space within one year, according to Martin Read, the author of the Operational Efficiency Programme and a member of the Conservatives’ Public Sector Productivity Panel. Reported in, Read confirmed that Central Government uses 30% more office space per head than dictated by best practice. He said: “This inefficiency needs to be addressed much more urgently. Property assets should be managed separately and user departments charged for the space they use. This would focus minds on the efficient use of resources”….. Read More

Who Needs Offices? Downsizing in a downsized World

The news media is full of stories about public sector plans to cut spending and their impact on employment and services. The big stories relate to the number of jobs that will be lost – most of which will be administrative, support and back office functions. Whatever the detail of the 20th October announcements it is clear they will lead directly and indirectly to a drastic reduction in office requirements, particularly in the public sector….Read More