What is “Agile Working”
When people discuss agile and flexible working instinctively the focus is on flexible hours, hot desking or home working. This leads me to ask do we have a real understanding of the terminology.  So what is ”agile working”. How does it differ from “flexible working” and other terms often encompassed by the phrase “new ways of working”……Read More

Sustainagility: driver for change
On average, UK workers spend one day every fortnight travelling to and from work.  25 million commuters go to a fixed place of work every day and of these 18 million go by car, compressed into a few hours in the morning and evening rush hours. With cost pressures and carbon emission targets becoming increasingly challenging, coupled with high workplace stress levels and long working hours, is it still sensible for people to spend long hours commuting to “the office”……Read More

Agile Working: more with less
As minds focus on the immediate need to do more with much less, “ slash and burn” may seem like the only option for organisations implementing drastic budget cuts. Councils are looking at grant cuts of 26% in the period to 2014, with some having to save as much as 9% of total expenditure in the first year. The scale and timing of required reductions certainly demands a more drastic response ……Read More

Working Beyond Boundaries
Unpredictable change is rapidly becoming the defining characteristic of the current decade. Organisations that simply cut costs or make minor adjustments to static business models may well be able to realise short-term gains to sustain and survive. But in the current dynamic world the only certainty is change and status quo is not an option. The future is a place where only the agile will survive and thrive…..Read More

Agility Ratio: productive benchmark or property target ?
To set a target occupation density for a building or an organisation without first understanding building space capabilities and workstyles is risking not only alienating management and workforce but also providing occupation solutions that are sub optimal that could impact adversely on work output and productivity. Yet this is exactly what some organisations are doing……Read More
The Future of Work
The one thing I have learnt over the last few decades is that the future is actually here now. The trends and threads of what happens in the future start in the past ……Read More

The Agile Agenda
An agile organisation is one that can readily adapt to changing circumstances, rapidly reassess and respond to changing supply and demand situations, and innovate to challenge and change the dynamics of the market places in which they choose to work…..Read More